Safety With a Restraining Order

Please refer to our page on obtaining temporary and final restraining orders. 

Many batterers obey restraining orders, prescription many do not. You probably have a good idea whether or not the abuser will obey the order. Even if you think he/she will obey the order, it is best to be prepared.

  • Keep your copy of the restraining order on or near your person at all times.
  • Give copies of the restraining order to the police departments in those towns that you frequent, such as where you live, work, go to school, and visit family and friends.
  • Inform as many neighbors, relatives, co-workers and friends as possible that a restraining order is in effect. Ask them to call the police if they see the abuser anywhere near you. Tell as many people as [possible in your trusted personal communities in order to form a safety net around you.
  • If the abuser violates the restraining order, call the police and report the violation, contact your advise the court of the violation.
  • If the abuser is charged with a crime, stay in touch with the police, prosecutor and/or coordinator to know what is happening with the case and to learn if the abuser is being released from jail.