Safety Plan Prior to a Violent Incident

  • Know exactly how you will leave your home if you are able to leave and choose to leave. Practice how to get out quickly. Know what doors, what is ed windows, elevators, stairwells or fire escape you would use in an emergency.
  • Keep your wallet/purse some money and car keys in a convenient spot so you can grab them quickly if you need to leave in a hurry.
  • Notify neighbors to be alert to suspicious noises coming from your home and to call police if this happens.
  • Give your children and friends a code word to use when you want them to call for help.
  • Know safe places you could go if you need to leave a dangerous situation.
  • Know your local battered women shelter number. If you do not know the number, call the Domestic Violence 24-Hour Hotline at 1-800-572-7233
  • Keep important documents and papers in one place so you can access them quickly. You may need the following items (for you or your children) if you leave and do not return home immediately
  • Drivers License & Registration Green Card Medications/Medical Reports
  • Money/Credit Card(s) Passport Wage & Income Information
  • Divorce/Legal Papers Restraining Order School & Vaccination Records
  • Birth Certificate Social Security Card Keys, Clothing
  • Latest Income Tax Returns Medical Ins. Card Prescription Card

You may want to give an extra copy of papers and an extra set of keys and clothing to a trusted friend or relative.