Is My Teen Being Abused

How Do I Know if My Teen Is in an Abusive Relationship?

Trying to determine if your teenager is in an abusive relationship can be difficult. Here are some of the that can indicate a potentially abusive relationship:

  • Does your teen have unexplained injuries?
  • Are there signs that she is afraid of partner? Does she always have to be home to receive phone calls? Does she seem afraid to displease his/her partner?
  • Does your teen’s partner call repeatedly? Does your teen’s partner seem to be trying to check up on him/her?
  • Have you seen or overheard your teen’s partner verbally lash out at your teen? Does s/he say mean things to your teen, or call him/her names?
  • Has your teen given up hanging out with other friends or engaging in activities that used to be important to him/her?
  • Does your teen make apologies for his/her partner’s behavior? Does s/he think s/he is victimized and misunderstood?
  • Have you actually seen or heard your child’s partner throw things, hit walls, etc.? Does your teen’s partner have an explosive temper?
  • Has your teen’s appearance or behavior changed significantly? Is she dressing more seductively or less attractively? Has s/he gained or lost a lot of weight? Is s/he sleeping too much or too little? Does s/he have difficulty concentrating? Is s/he using drugs or other substances? Does s/he have thoughts of suicide? Has s/he withdrawn?

If you suspect that your child is in an abusive relationship, you will need to learn more about how you can help. Become informed about abusive relationships, and learn more about the resources that are available in your community.

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